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Delivering Solutions For What's Next

Resolve your dispute. Boost your productivity. 

Improve your bottom line.

Conclude Your Conflict.

Conflicts are stressful.  The longer the conflict lasts, the more stress the parties feel. I understand the emotions and stress involved in conflicts.  I have been a plaintiff and a defendant in lawsuits. I have also been resolving disputes for almost 25 years.  As a former Chief Litigation Officer, I understand how businesses and individuals approach conflicts. I customize my approach for each specific conflict to maximize the likelihood of a successful resolution. 

Stay Ahead of The Changes in the Practice of Law

The practice of law is changing. Clients are demanding more value for their money.  If you are not evolving along with the increasing client expectations of the 21st Century, you run the risk of losing to your competition. I help law firms stay ahead of their competition by creating more efficient procedures, integrating new technology solutions, and maximize their profitability.

Implement best practice for your legal department. 

The expectations to legal departments are expanding. Companies expect their legal departments to offer more than legal advice.  They require their legal departments to serve as strategic business partners and constantly improve how they deliver value to the companies.  By using Lean Six Sigma concepts and innovative technology, I help legal departments continuously improve how they function to maximizing their productivity.

Conserve your limited resources by hiring an outside general counsel. 

Not every company needs a full-time general counsel or a fully-staffed legal department. If your company needs a general counsel on a part-time basis, I can help.  Based on my experience as a Chief Litigation Officer and trusted business advisor for a Fortune 350 company, I understand that company leaders need actionable business-focused legal advice without unnecessary expense. I can serve as that strategic business advisor.

Put My Experience to Work for You

For almost 25 years, I have solved problems for other people. Whether it has been resolving conflicts or finding innovative solutions to legal issues, as both an outside lawyer and as a Chief Litigation Officer, my focus has been on finding creative solutions to help people find what’s next for them.


After managing legal budgets for a Fortune 350 company for nearly 10 years, I understand the importance of receiving maximum value for every dollar spent. I handle most of my projects on flat or fixed fees after proper scoping of the assignment with my clients. Using a flat or fixed fee model promotes efficiency and avoids the problems associated with billing by the hour.